Arkansas Black – Arkansas, USA 1870’s

The Arkansas Black is believed to have originated in Arkansas in the 1870’s as a seedling found in a Winesap orchard.  This variety thrived in southern orchards until the 1930’s, when a combination of moth infestations and terrible droughts decimated the apple industry in the region.  The Arkansas Black produces fruit that varies from dark red to a deep purple, but before you take a bite of this beauty you may want to put it in cold storage.  When harvested, the Arkansas Black is extremely hard and very tart, but if given time to mature in cold storage it will reveal a very aromatic, sweet-tart taste with a crisp, fine-grained texture.  Although first popular as a cooking and baking apple, this variety is slowly making a comeback for use in hard cider blends.

Uses: Cider, Baking, Cooking, & Fresh Eating (after proper storage)

Harvest: Very Late

Zones: 5-10

Attributes: Excellent storing & Scab Resistance


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