Cox’s Orange Pippin – England 1825

The Cox Orange Pippin is one of the most widely recognizable heirloom apple varieties and for good reason; this is an apple to which all other apples are compared.  Although its yellow skin with beautiful orange-red blush is the first thing you notice, it won’t be the only thing you remember. It’s crisp, yellow flesh releases an aromatic sweetness that has been said to have hints of orange and mango flavors.  Like many heirloom varieties, the Cox Orange Pippin is believed to have been a chance seedling.  This particular seedling was found in a Ribston Pippin orchard in Buckinghamshire, England in 1825.  This medium-sized apple is best when eaten fresh or given a short time in cold storage, but can also be used for cooking, baking, and cider making.

Uses: Fresh Eating, Cooking, Baking, & Cider

Harvest: Mid-Season

Zones: 4-10

Attributes: Oustanding complexity & Cold Hardy



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