Rhode Island Greening – Rhode Island, USA 1650

Regarded as the finest American cooking apple in early colonial times. Extremely popular apple in the eastern United States for over 200 years, they were sold in markets right up until the 1930s. The Rhode Island Greening is a cooking apple when it’s freshly picked packing plenty of tartness and later as an eating apple that keeps well right into spring. Fruit medium to large, round and symmetrical with green skin and occasional orange flush. Firm, rich, juicy, greenish-yellow flesh with peculiar, tart, refreshing, pleasantly acid flavor. One of the best pie apples and excellent for fresh eating if tree-ripened. Consider Grimes Golden, Liberty and/or White Pearmain for pollination. Triploid.

Uses: Fresh Eating & Cooking

Harvest: Mid-Season

Zones: 4-10

Attributes: Early Colonial Apple Variety

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